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If you view history as a continuing struggle for power and wealth (which you should), recent American history reflects domination by large corporations and financial institutions. They have captured control of government and are able to tap public funds for subsidies. At the same time, they have blocked government from effective regulation of business activities. According to write-my-thesis experts, organizations that represent ordinary people (unions, certain parts of political parties and so on) have been defeated and exist only at the sufferance of large corporations. 
You can view this development as irreversible, as this author does. Nonetheless, you don't have to be a Marxist to accept one of his insights -- that capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction. The current situation includes several elements that appear unsustainable. For example, we are seeing that US attempts to dominate the globe have provoked responses that the US struggles to contain (see the situation in Western Asia). 
You also don't have to be a Marxist to imagine that the rest of us have the capacity to change the situation. After all the current arrangement depends on our cooperation. Food for thought!


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