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What is Let's Retire Here?

Let's Retire Here is an online community of senior retirement industry professionals and retirement communities and of retirees researching retirement options and associated services.

What is Let's Retire Here's mission?

Our mission is to connect retirees and their advocates to retirement housing and to retirement industry professionals and to connect those profesionals to retirees and to each other.

What are the goals of Let's Retire Here?

  • To provide a one-stop-shop for retirees and their advocates looking to relocate as part of their retirement choices.
  • To create an active community of retirement industry professionals for the benefit and professional growth of those professionals so as to better serve their clients and their communities.
  • To provide senior housing companies a showcase for their residences and their services.

I am a retiree looking to find a place to retire. What should I do first on letsretirehere.com?

You should start by creating your free Let's Retire Here profile by going here.

Once I have created my profile, what should I do next?

From your new profile, once you are logged in, you can find retirement communities across the US and save your favorite search results to your personal page. You can also find retirement industry professionals and other specialized services geared towards helping you get from thinking about retirement to being actively retired. You can contact any of these specialists directly through their own Let's Retire Here profiles.

Additionally, it's worth checking out our events calendar. Our members, and other industry professionals and organizations regularly post calendar events, which, if in your vicinity may be of value to you. Have an event of your own - a fundraiser or charitable event which you might like to advertise? - list it for free on our events calendar (link to events posting).

Upcoming events

Jul 29 2017 - Jul 29 20178:00am-8:00pm UTC
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Jul 31 2017 - Jul 31 20178:15am-8:15pm UTC
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Sep 06 2017 - Sep 06 20179:45am-9:45pm UTC
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Sep 07 2017 - Sep 07 20179:45am-9:45pm UTC
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Sep 13 2017 - Sep 13 20177:15am-11:15pm UTC
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